Wine on Tap

El Rey is the first in Alabama, and one of the few places in the US you can get wine on tap.

Wine by the millimeter. 175, 275, 375 and 750.

Who said the metric system was dead?

Wine from a keg – what a great idea! There isn’t any glass to ship and recycle, the wine never oxidizes and it is always perfect temperature.

Some of our favorite restaurants around the country have followed Todd Rushing’s Atlanta restaurant, Two Urban Licks, in this endeavor, and have had great success.

We loved the concept, but wondered if it was too ambitious for our little restaurant. We already devote a lot of time trying convince brewmasters to fill our firkins (see above). The thought of shipping wine casks back and forth from California was too much to consider.

Then along comes Free Flow Wine Company. Our good friend and owner of Teira Wine, Daniel Donahoe, started Free Flow to help guys like us sell wine on tap. Using tried and true techniques, Daniel kegs beautiful wine made by well-known and respected California wine makers. The lack of glass, corks, labels and capsules means we can sell really good wine for less money.

The process is simple. The wine is delicious. The value is superb. And the only places to have wine on tap in Alabama is at El Rey and our sister bar, Leroy!

We now sell Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay in 175 milliliter and 275 milliliter flasks at El Rey, and Pinot Noir and Merlot at Leroy.

And if you are looking for something else, check out our list of 375 milliliter bottles. Half bottles, which equates to about two and a half glasses, allows us to sell nicer wine at a proper temperature. You can also be assured you have purchased a fresh bottle.

We will continue to offer a few 750ml bottles that fit the season, are amazing values, and aren’t available in cask or 375ml formats.

Long live the metric system!

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